Unfamiliar Skies

by Roadie

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This album was mostly made in 4 days in August, 2017, at Brooklyn Studio, NYC, and The Isokon, Woodstock, NY. It was engineered, mixed, and mastered by Dan Goodwin. Additional recording was done at Goldsmith Studio, Louisville, KY, with Brian Cronin.

This music was produced lovingly and collectively, live in the studio by all the musicians listed.


released May 25, 2018

Roadie: Guitar, Vocals
Ray Rizzo: Drums, Vocals
Mark Kelley: Bass
Josh Kaufman: Keyboards, Guitar track 1, Bass track 2
Jason Lawrence: Percussion

With Special Guests:

Will Oldham: Vocals track 8
Dawn Landes: Vocals track 1, 3, 6
Lauren Balthrop: Vocals track 1, 6
Dan Goodwin: Vocals track 4, 7
Nick Park: Percussion track 1
Brian Schreck: Saxophone track 7


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Roadie Louisville, Kentucky

Roadie is a songwriter and sideman from Louisville, KY. He has toured the states and beyond with Bonnie Prince Billy, Dawn Landes, actor Michael Shannon and more.

His debut solo record, Unfamiliar Skies, was recorded live in NYC with members of the Roots, Josh Ritter band, Bonnie P Billy, Dawn Landes, engineer Dan Goodwin, and more.
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Track Name: It Ain't Easy
No Defense
It'll Catch you when they change the game

The old ways
Don't mean the same
Fall behind and you can't find your way

So many people so far away

Stretch the cents
Make the rent
It ain't easy at the end of the day

Gotta find ourselves a better way

So many people so far away
Track Name: When I Can See
Long the road
Long the ride
I find comfort in the stillness of the night
The moon stirs the rhythm of my tide

When I can see
With my mind set free
There are no walls between you and me
That windows only open a little while
The feeling guides me many miles

When I hold you in my arms I know it's true
Track Name: Lady In Red
This feelings not
what I thought it up to be
Now I see
It's better than a fantasy

Your touch is real
And these whispered words we speak
Make me believe
In all the goodness that I see

Oh Love

The feeling remains
Even when you're far away
When night fades to blue
I'm headed right back home to you

My lady in red
With the brushes in her hair
She paints for me
Love visions of my wildest dreams

Oh Love
Track Name: If The Canary Keeps
Out of sight out of mind
Send it on down the line
If the canary keeps, the robin tweets, it's so easy
Out of mind

Clarity is hard to find
With everything on the line
and certainty don't come cheap with everything
on the line

Where we go from here, I don't know
It's hard to see swimming in limbo
Track Name: Unfamiliar Skies
I've been waking under unfamiliar skies
New colors fill my eyes
Streets so alive

Starless night, the moon it lit my way down here
Across the falls so clear
A rainbow appeared

A rush of cold
A sunset glow
My love grows
This golden road

Let's go walking and feel the love rush through our bones
Till the roots tug at our toes
Or sleep calls us home
Track Name: Off The Shoulder
Holed up in a box
Wrong side of the locks
Out the window folks on the block
The time that escaped
Left a bitter taste
Standing in place, can't shake the shade

Tryin to get over
Tryin to get back
Tryin to lift that boulder
Off the shoulder

Your brought the key
You helped me see
Now I've got two hearts that beat for me
This life of love
It's the life for me
We can't go back to what used to be

Your love washed over
Set me free
We can't go back
To what used to be
Track Name: Stare Down A Cannonball
Your number changed
Used to be the one to count on
A clean break
No history to hide from
Playing make believe
Lost out on the sea

The silence speaks
Used to leave a little light on
The gulf grew deep
When all the roots had gone
Slipping through the seams
Like it don't mean a thing

After all that we've been through
So many times we stared down a cannonball

Bent the frame
Used to be the one to maintain
Fade away
The memories turning grey
Oh foolish me
The last one to see

After all that we've been through
So many times we stared down a cannonball
Track Name: Hope Is All I'm Holding
Sometimes hope is all I'm holding
It's enough to keep me going
Impossible could never dream
Of the beauty in everything

When love is all I hear
The answers seem so clear
I am my sister I am the sea
We are part of everything

But these thoughts seem out of reach
When cities turned to ashes
Confusion creeps
The world thrown off its' axis

These thoughts seem out of reach
When cities turned to ashes
Confusion creeps
The world thrown off its' axis
But the strength in your eyes speaks
Through the darkness I can see
The hope returning to me

Hope is all I'm holding

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